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A gated community limits intruders and vehicles from entering the neighbourhood, which is monitored by nonstop security. Just the inhabitants of individuals related to the tenants are permitted inside a gated community estate. 

The principal objective of a gated community is securing a compound to guarantee the security of the tenants. Other than being gated, top builders even use CCTV cameras in different spaces of the property. If somebody gets captured in the camera, the security faculty can see that on the screens of their control room and do whatever it may to avoid a robbery. 

Premium villas near Infopark Kakkanad has well-maintained gardens, a perimeter for running, senior resident corners, a clubhouse and other sporting facilities for the individuals. This guarantees that tenants need to make a trip to the city to track down a sporting facility.

Gated communities likewise give generators to back up power supply, groundwater and running water that adjusts to the specifications of the local water authority, rainwater harvesting, vehicle parking, waste management, and so on.  

In growing metros and urban locations have gated community villas with thriving communities that use shared amenities. Some communities even offer bicycles offered to residents to travel within the community. The exits are normally fully secured and always guarded. 

 Here are some amazing facilities offered by independent housing in Karimugal:

Secured Environment  

Every Security gated community should have a group of committed and prepared security team along with a strong security infrastructure. They need to be fully trained to handle security instruments, routine checks and assets surveillance. They need to be well equipped with CCTVs, Fire Extinguishers, Fire security instruments etc. The list can go on. 

Sporting Areas

Clubs and indoor gaming zones offer social opportunities and promote relationship building. Makes it fun to meet your neighbours in common areas like:

Indoor courts and outside gyms etc.

Kids’ Play Area  

A home should be built to meet the needs of a growing child. There needs to ample space and facilities for the kids to get involved in outdoor games, activities etc. It helps in developing social skills and the overall growth of the child. 


Pools are not extravagance and have become an everyday stress-reliever. An appropriately kept up pool with great security is necessary to swim for fun, exercise and to bust stress. Take your kids for a swim and have a fun Sunday. 

Unhindered Electricity and Water Supply 

Not simply in luxury villas in Kochi, water and the electric shortage is an all-inclusive issue now. The gated communities are self-sufficient and get unrestricted stock of these assets. 

Maintenance Service is Available

Another major benefit of gated community villas is the readily available maintenance services. You can save a lot of time wasted on waiting for the right technician to show up for maintenance. Just let u know the issues you have with the amenities and enjoy your day with your family. With minimal maintenance charge, you get stress-free services at your door. 

On the off chance that you are searching for a gated community available to be purchased, with all the facilities we suggest you Demain properties. This is a haven full of luxury amenities ensuring peace, security and comfort. We bring to you luxury villas offering a superior lifestyle within an affordable budget.


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