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A gated community is a type of housing project or residential community that is guarded and enclosed within walls or fences. Kochi has some well-advanced gated communities that are known for their ultra-modern amenities. Those Gated community villas in Kochi generally provide a unique feel, with high-quality buildings and facilities that only the homeowner can use. Strangers cannot use them, so in a sense, they are like an exclusive country club. Generally speaking, people tend to enjoy the fact that the only thing they can get is high-end, and they don’t get bored. Even if you want to buy such houses to live in, you should realize that they are sometimes expensive and many people cannot afford them.

Type of facilities You Can anticipate in Gated Communities.

The gated community has a central security system, where the main entrance is monitored and managed by security personnel. This blocks out unwanted outsiders and provides residents with a safe and secure environment. Internally, many of the facilities in such premises are very suitable for homeowners. Especially Gated Communities in Kochi safeguard the lives of residents. Some of the dreamful facilities you can expect in a gated community are listed below. Buying a Gated community villa in Kochi provides you with the following benefits. 


  • Healthy Environment:

Gated communities often provide a wide range of amenities such as a fitness center, sports centers, Joggers lane, Bicycle lane, etc. These amenities help residents who are serious about health and fitness. And having a swimming pool In a gated community promises a slightly different option for a workout. As Swimming is a low-impact type of exercise, it can contribute to your fitness journey. Despite all, the swimming pool in a gated community is exclusive to residents and ensures privacy.

• Entertainment:

Having a Banquet Hall in a gated community is not only fun but also a memorable area for entertaining guests. An exclusive Banquet Hall can easily set the stage for a fun party. Gatherings can take place inside Banquet Hall, which is cool to decorate as per the mood of your party. The entire entertainment experience becomes enjoyable for friends and family when combined with other indoor activities.

• Tranquility:

Club House, Cardroom, Restaurants & Cafes, Libraries, Spas, etc. Are the other reasons why people prefer living in gated communities. Full access to these amenities creates a relaxing experience that quickly relieves stress and tension that has built up during the day. Gated communities with professional property management services make sure these amenities are always maintained and ready for use all day long. This means that residents do not have to worry about maintaining all these things themselves. Incorporating an exclusive amenities like these next to your residence defines one of the best aspects associated with living in a gated community.

• Others:

Safety and security features play an important role in choosing a gated community for living. Gated communities, promise a strong security system to prevent the entry of intruders. Keeping Surveillance cameras and security guards the safety and security system works 24 x7.


Apart from all these amenities, features like 24/7 water supply, Power back up to ensure no electrical failure, Valet parking services for residents as well as guests etc. Keep gated communities a different one.

Benefits of Gated Communities

1. Safety & Security

Gated Communities have specific boundaries and are well guarded. Hence, they promise the benefit of safety and security. Generally, most of the gated communities keep a record of who enters and exits. A full-time guard or some digital security systems are installed on the points of exit and entrance to provide better protection to the residents. Despite all, they have proper surveillance systems all over the community that help keep an eye on all ongoing activities.

2. Privacy

Luxury also means Privacy in this rapid generation, but then again, total isolation isn’t all that ideal either. A gated community offers perfect equilibrium in this aspect, while you have total comfort and peace in your own space, friends gathering and neighbors are always within easy reach. Large community spaces enable residents to establish strong social ties and celebrate harmony together.

3. A Sense of Community

The top feature of a gated community is a sense of community living. Design of common, public areas and parks are intended to encourage residents to come out of their homes, and to interact, thereby fostering the community spirit.


Shared activities like festivals celebrated with neighbors and exhibitions serve to bring residents together and promote social interaction. These community activities help residents establish strong social ties.

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