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While deciding whether to purchase a gated community villa or an apartment a few components ought to be taken into consideration. The value stays one of the significant elements while picking a villa or an apartment. Maybe because of more space and opportunity, the villas are believed to be more costly than apartments. Nowadays, IT...


Do you have plans to buy a home in Kakkanad? Are you worried about the recreational and entertainment aspects of the location? Well, the answer is to let your worries fly out of the window. Kakkanad has so many hangout spots for you to choose from. Here are few amazing spots where you can happily...

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A gated community limits intruders and vehicles from entering the neighbourhood, which is monitored by nonstop security. Just the inhabitants of individuals related to the tenants are permitted inside a gated community estate.  The principal objective of a gated community is securing a compound to guarantee the security of the tenants. Other than being gated,...

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Gated community furnish occupants with a feeling of safety along with predominant amenities available inside an enclosed space and away from prying eyes. To the human psyche, the possibility that they are living in a community is very important and keeps them happy. What amenities could you expect in a gated community villa?  Aside from...

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DEMAIN stands for “FREEDOM”. The basic idea is the freedom every individual has to build a better tomorrow. We envision to built futuristic homes that offer an environment-friendly superior lifestyle.

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