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DEMAIN Properties are pioneers in building and designing modern homes. We are based in Kochi Kerala. We are focused on offering comfortable and functional homes to our customers. DEMAIN luxury villas in Kochi are innovatively designed and constructed to accommodate the tropical climate of Kerala. Our technology-backed designs focus on energy efficiency & the superior comfort of our clients. 

villa for sale in ernakulam
gated community villas in ernakulam
gated community villas in ernakulam
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Home is a dream that comes at a cost. We want to make the money you spend on your dream worthwhile by offering the best amenities available. With a blend of smart innovation and careful implementation of technology, we have been able to reduce the cost of construction &  offer you the budget-friendly luxury lifestyle that you deserve.

Demain Properties believe in the simple logic -” Why buy Apartments when you can afford modern Villas?” Apartments are very limiting in terms of privacy, outdoor space, and facilities. DEMAIN villas come with modern amenities at an affordable price, outdoor space, the security of a gated community, etc.

We want your journey of finding a home seamless and liberating by offering an amazing catalog of the best properties available. Whether it’s your first home or a second home near your work or a smart investment opportunity you are in search of, DEMAIN is your answer.

Downtown Gated Community Villas

Are you in search of gated community villas near Kakkanad near Infopark? Down Town brings to you luxury villas with technology-backed world-class amenities. Say no to heavy apartment rents & invest in your first home through us.Kakkanad is a booming industrial and IT hub with an exponential boom in job opportunities. Every day hundreds of people are moving into Kakkanad raising the demand for living space and the rental rates. We believe a home should be a comfortable space for relaxation. So why not invest in a home designed to suit your taste and lifestyle? Down Town villas is an ideal investment for your future.

Superior Living- Never Compromise

A home is where you make a lot of memories. A home should be filled with happiness, superior comfort, and world-class amenities. DEMAIN gated Down Town luxury villas near Kakkanad are designed to present our customers with a superior lifestyle at an affordable cost.

Why choose us?

Security of gated community
Energy-efficient homes(solar-powered)
World-class amenities
Home automation systems
The convenience of community to work(proximity of Infopark)
A source of steady rental income
High returns as the land value in Kakkanad is always rising

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Door No : 60/2373, Devayanam Building, South Panampilly Nagar, Kochi, Kerala, India

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DEMAIN stands for “FREEDOM”. The basic idea is the freedom every individual has to build a better tomorrow. We envision to built futuristic homes that offer an environment-friendly superior lifestyle.

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